Facility Management

Our Standards

Our housekeeping teams set a meticulous level of cleanliness, which is backed up by their standards manager, who ensures every apartment is cleaned to the high level expected. At each service they are required to return the apartment to the same high standard guests are greeted with upon check-in, meaning every apartment is presented as ‘new’ on arrival.

The housekeeping team also work closely with the reservations team, ensuring any guest requests are met. As standard they also provide a welcome pack of groceries for each new guest prior to check-in.

Personal Meet & Greet

We greet you personally and conduct a full check-in of apartment.

24X7 Support

Offer 24 hour emergency support to our guests via a dedicated helpline.

Complimentary Pack

It comes with basic essentials so you don’t need to go shopping on first few days.


24/7 surveillance, safe and secure accommodation with all the comforts.

High speed Internet

High speed broadband access and IT support ensuring you can get connected.

Weekends Support

Service to all our guests during weekdays and weekends, day or night.

Prior Contact

We greet you personally and conduct a full check-in of apartment.

Our Access

Never enter your apartment without letting you know first or on an emergency.

Our Professional Touch